1. Intro

The farm has evolved from production of several crops to a monoculture of olive groves. Juan Manuel maintains an effective vision of an activity that should help improve the social image of agriculture. That thought has led him to participate with his brothers in a succession process, continue with the logical evolution of his farm, undertake improvements and expand the dimension of his farm to turn it viable.

2. Promoter Profile

Name Juan Manuel Jiménez Ávila.
Age 38
Gender Male
Education Higher Education in Humanities and Teaching, PhD in Ecosystems Analysis and Management. Start-up courses for Young Farmers.
Marital status Married
Number of children 4 months

3. Farm Profile

Address Villargordo, Jaén
Farm Area in ha 20
Date since when the family owns the farm date unknown – at least since great-grandparents
Nº of workers on the farm (Family members) 0 (Full time) 5 (Part time)
Nº of workers on the farm (Other than family members) 0

Farm description before succession

The farm had previously belonged to his grandparents. His parents undertook the conversion of the farm from growing several crops to a monoculture of olive groves. They introduced irrigation and modernized the system over the years. The machinery was shared among relatives, and it could be considered a medium mechanization level. Marketing was always done through cooperatives.


After the succession, the infrastructure has been maintained, modernizing and adapting to new regulations and new technologies available in the market. The management of the crop has been adapted to an Integrated Production System, to guarantee production quality levels, food safety and environmental sustainability. Their management has been adapted to all the legal demands from institutions, as well as to new tools and information technologies. The result is a more productive use of financial resources as well as agrochemicals and other inputs.

4. Succession Process

It is important that parents get their children connected to the farm from a early age. The process begins by living the farm and feeling the attachment to the land owned by your family. The respect for the family legacy leads you to continue the activity in the future. Despite the fact that they were studying, all the brothers helped on the farm. When a farm is viable, and there is a connection with the land, the succession must happen. The succession process arose from Juan Manuel and his brothers, all of whom have joined as farmers with each leasing part of the family farm. Their parents have accompanied them in the process, and have given each one a part of the farm to start as entrepreneurs. Later, Juan Manuel acquired additional land to ensure a volume of income that compensates for expenses. Throughout the process, family members have sought consensus through agreements, which has made it a satisfactory process for all.


It is necessary to dignify the activity, as it does not have the same positive social image as other activities. This can cause you to think it is not the most suitable decision for your professional career.

There is a risk that the processes are executed in the short term, without seeking agreement and internal family consensus, which must worked out in advance for a viable economic solution.

In life succession, keep in mind that the farm is still a possession of the predecessor, so they must be allowed to participate in decision-making while still maintaining independence.

With respect to bureaucracy, there are always new obstacles that hinder succession and management of the farm.

High fixed costs make it necessary to increase the dimension of your farm to obtain a volume of income that compensates for such expenses, or obtain aids or subsidies to maintain your farm.

Main Training/Skills/Competences

Ability to reach consensus in family decision making.


Avoid making investments that exceed the needs of your farm and will negatively affect its profitability.


Experience in the management of regulations, bureaucracy, etc.


The technical training has to be adapted to your needs, giving more weight to practice and avoiding too approaches that are too technical.


“You have to be comfortable with what you do - that is the stimulus to practice any profession. It is a job that allows you to be self-sufficient. You feel proud of continuing a family activity. Have the support and advice of the predecessors and family. Search advice wherever you do not have knowledge or capacity. In this activity you must be patient and constant. Learn from generational coexistence.”


5. Considerations, skills/competences and queries/questions.