1. Intro

Matej’s farm is (for Slovenian conditions) bigger flat farm with a large proportion of planar surfaces. It lays between Kranj and Ljubljana. it’s closeness to urban centers, easy access and growing importance of local food supply, as well as increasingly demanding and informed consumers who wants to know the source of food they are eating and buying, are factors that dictated and promoted the development of the farm in recent years. The procurement rules also prefer organic and locally oriented farms. For stable growth and development of the farm it is also important that the family made the decision about the successor relatively early.

2. Promoter Profile

Age 36
Gender M
Education He finished Secondary school in technical school, major in Electrical Engineering. After high school he continued his higher education in rural and landscape management. He also takes classes and programs organized by Agricultural Advisory Service.
Marital status Single
Number of children 0

3. Farm Profile

Address Čirče 25, 4000 Kranj
Farm Area in ha 41 ha
Date since when the family owns the farm For more generations. As far as he remember
Nº of workers on the farm (Family members) 3 (Full time) 0 (Part-time)
Nº of workers on the farm (Other than family members) 0

Farm description before succession

Matej’s farm is constantly growing and developing, from generation to generation, without any major shakeups. Growth and development is dictated by market and consumers needs and requirements. Understanding and meeting consumer’s needs was always of main importance for the farm. The farm is ecologically oriented and focused both on milk production and processing as well as on cultivation of plant products, mostly cereals, potatoes and some vegetables. The farm is focusing on agriculture and livestock. But is different to other farms, especially because they have ability to detect market and consumers needs at the right time. The farm’s stableness is also very strong because of the early agreement about the succession between family members.


The farm hasn’t specifically changed programs, increased investments or changed its business model after the succession process. They were always focusing on developing, investments and meeting market and consumers needs so there was no need on changing business priorities. But early agreements about succession between family members definitely contribute to making decisions more effectively, so that family can put main focus on operating the farm.

4. Succession Process

Matej’s grandfather was farm’s owner for a long time, Matej’s parents were owners just for a few years. Matej has two sisters, but they are both younger, studying and don’t see their future working on the farm. They are not involved in working on the farm. Matej have always known that he will eventually took over the farm so his succession was never in question, even though he was educated for different profession and was working as an Electrician for some time. His work on the farm is now his full-time job and his parents are also employed at the farm. They organize their work in way they don’t have a need for any additional help. They could say that succession process went smoothly and without any major issues.


How to handle business partners must first be learned.

Maybe the bigger challenge would be if Matej would want to keep his previous job and pick his main profession before the farm. But that hasn’t happened, he hasn’t’ even thought about that possibility, because he knew he will take over the firm since he was little.

He never had problems with his sisters about the succession process, because they both wanted to do completely different things in their professional lives.

Main Training/Skills/Competences

Matej underlines that management of the farm is not only about managing of particular skills. He knows many people who are very hardworking if they are managed by good leaders, but are not capable of managing farm by their own Farm managing contains a lot of self-discipline, motivation and work ethics.

This skills can’t be learned only in the process of formal education. It is very preferable if you face many challenges where you are forced to carry out work by yourself. He believes that he has learned that at school as well as in his previous job.


“It is important to know what it means to be the owner of a big farm. You are independent and autonomous, but you also have to make sure your work is done on time and in high quality.” “There are no quick solutions and results on the farm. There is no financial continuity, sometimes it’s better and sometimes not, it has to do a lot with external conditions as well. But greed and expectations of fast and easy money are never good.”


5. Considerations, skills/competences and queries/questions.