1. Intro

Pavel Srna is a private farmer who manages his farm together with his mother. They do field cropping and fattening bulls. A part of the farm area is permanently cropped. In the near future they plan to offer a new farm activity such as accomodation on the farm for tourism.

2. Promoter Profile

Name Pavel Srna
Age 50
Gender M
Education Master
Marital status Divorced (has a partner)
Number of children 1 children: 9 years old

3. Farm Profile

Address Mirošov, Žďár nad Sázavou
Farm Area in ha 170 ha
Date since when the family owns the farm from 1550 until 1952 (was taken from his grandmother and grandfather), after restitution in 1993 - the family got it back
Nº of workers on the farm (Family members) Pavel Srna (Full time) mother (she is 82y.) (Part time)
Nº of workers on the farm (Other than family members) 0

Farm description before succession

P. Srna was working in that time in city of Brno. He had an interest in managing the farm himself, so he was coming every weekend to work on the farm. His mother and her sister (his aunt) wanted to keep the farm as it was (keep employees, which were already too old and not reliable) and continue to farm without any big losses or great profit.


Change to younger workers and a clear concept/vision for the farm. They stopped raising dairy cows. In 2011 a project to build a harvest storage hall was developed, but due to unfavorable relations with his cousin they have only started to build the new hall recently. Last year he received a grant for fattening bulls, but at the end it was too expensive to implement. This year he will apply for a new project that will be cheaper via the Rural Development Program.Accommodations for tourism will be built soon. In the future, he would like to have pasture (about 30 ha) with cows to breed his own calves. Next year he wants to apply for a grant for sawmill.

4. Succession Process

He started to fully manage the farm in 2002. At that time he received a share of the farm/land from his mother and aunt in order to be able manage the farm in officially. Shortly after that, his aunt (who managed administration) died and left a full third of the farm to him. His cousin received another third share, and his mother had the remaining third. The cousin was not active on the farm, and after death of his aunt wanted to leave the farm in 2011. The process took 2 years (it was completed in 2013) because he changed his mind about whether to continue farming. It was not an easy process with him, as it was very complicated and there were a lot problems. His cousin received a part of the fields and forest according to law. On paper they managed the succession and restitution, and the cousin got his part. Now, his mother and he each own half of the farm.


The time during restitution, which was managed mainly by his mother and aunt, was problematic. The Czech state made it difficult for them to gain back their land. Around that time his cousin also started helping out at the farm - mainly in the forest and later on with field crops. However, he suddenly stopped communicating with the whole family when Mr. Srna received the other 1/3 of property and made difficulties for the rest of the family.

Main Training/Skills/Competences

No specific skills or training for the succession process itself were acquired. At the beginning of his full-time work at the farm (in 2002), however, he began to attend seminars about agriculture, planting crops, production etc. 

Later, in 2005 he and his wife both started to study at the agricultural university in Brno because they wanted to know more about agriculture. He stated, however, that this was more about making social connections and only partly about education, as he already knew the most important things about farming.

In 2011 they finished the university and got divorced.


Now he would have more courage to take, for instance, bigger loans for investment and do things faster. He used to only buy new machinery with the money he had already earned, so it took him alot longer due to the decision to avoid risks. But now he would be willing to take greater risks in order to make things happen faster. If he had known what would happen with his cousin, he would have made sure at the beginning that how the farm would be divided up among the family members (“who would own what”) was clear to all. Determine the conditions for succession at the beginning before problems can occur. To have good relations in a family, have more kids and a big family.


5. Considerations, skills/competences and queries/questions.