1. Intro

The farm of family Hájek is focused on growing fodder, wheat, rape and potatoes on 62 ha of land. They breed 60 head of cattle (Charolais) for meat, rabbits, pigeons, and chickens. Three generations of the family have always been involved simultaneously in farm operation.

2. Promoter Profile

Name Tomáš Hájek
Age 21
Gender M
Education Secondary
Marital status Single
Number of children 0

3. Farm Profile

Address Jeníkov, close to Čechtice (Benešov region)
Farm Area in ha 64 ha
Date since when the family owns the farm 1991
Nº of workers on the farm (Family members) He (Full time) his father, mother and aunt (mother’s sister) (Part time)
Nº of workers on the farm (Other than family members) 0

Farm description before succession

Tomáš Hájek’s father inherited the farm from his father (grandfather) in 1992 with 19 ha of returned land. Field cropping and animal husbandry had under the control his father Milan Hájek together with his son Tomáš Hájek. In the first years his farm was focused on dairy cattle and pigs. However due to a higher demand of beef his father decided to re-breed dairy cattle into meat cattle. Later the family bought 46 ha (in total 65 ha). 50 ha of that is arable land and rest is pasture. Tomáš Hájek was since his childhood involved in the management of the farm. He graduated from the agricultural secondary school and high school for agriculture in 2013 and he became a natural successor after his father.


The succession happended officially in 2015. After the succesion, administration is still managed by his mother. His sisters are taking care of rabbits, pigeons, and chickens. They continue with breed of meat cattle (Charolais), which they sell directly to customers. In the future he is planning to double the number of the cattle as well as purchasing and renting more land. In 2016 they built a new storage hall for potatoes, which enables them to keep harvest stored and sell potatoes to retailers, schools and hospitals in the region at anytime without the need to decrease prices in high season.

4. Succession Process

Tomáš Hájek has been involved in activities at the farm since his childhood. He gained appropriate education to have all needed theoretical knowledge from both agricultural schools in addition to the practical experience gained from working with his father. As he finished his schooling, he was the natural successor for the farm. In the same way, the rest of the family is still involved in running of the farm even the young successor is already (partly) managing the farm. When needed his brother is also helping at the farm.


Nothing mentioned, he said the process went smoothly 

Main Training/Skills/Competences

Tomáš Hájek has been involved in the management of the farm since his childhood. He gained much practical experience from his father and family. He graduated from the agricultural secondary school and high school for agriculture in Benešov in 2013 - to be educated in the agri-field no further trainings for succession only for agriculture


They think that “age continuity” is very important, it should correspond with natural succession. In their case it was OK, as his father reached 50 y and wanted to have time for activities other than farming. They advise others when going through succession to find an advisor to help with law and accounting matters in order to avoid any inconvenience due to control from the state. Mainly, such advice helps with contracts about purchase of the enterprise, land, buildings and machinery - also in regard to accounting.


5. Considerations, skills/competences and queries/questions.