Welcome to the training modules section of the FARM-SUCCESS project.

Before you start to check the existing courses, we would like to give you an overview of all the training modules we have created and to give a short introduction on how and why to use them. At the end, you will get more information about sources for national data available for your respective country.

Please go through this introduction carefully to gain as many skills and as much knowledge from the modules as possible.

Before we started to elaborate the training modules, we conducted a survey and several interviews to identify the important topics in succession processes and the fields in which knowledge and information are needed.

Based on this output we worked out the main fields in which training is needed (also cf. the following chapter):

  • Sustainable entrepreneurship in family-farm succession processes
    Learn how to develop a business over generations and orientate it towards the future. Learn about the importance of family farming for rural areas
  • The succession process – Basic facts to think about
    Know basic facts about milestones and timelines for succession processes and also the typical challenges to be faced from a personal, a
    professional and a financial point of view.
  • Personal goals, skills and self-assessment
    Know how to assess yourself by doing a SWOT analysis and use your skills, your environment, your prerequisites and your goals as the basis of successful succession processes.
  • Intergenerational and intragenerational chances and challenges for agricultural family enterprises
    Understand the basics of family enterprises and the challenges that arise by integrating
    successors in a good way. Learn how to analyse the situation in your specific setting in family farming.
  • Communication
    Know the main structures of communication and the different aspects of a message. How can positive phrasing and nonverbal communication affect the communication process and
    improve both comprehensibility and the atmosphere.
  • Conflict management
    Obtain basic knowledge about conflict management and about those areas in which conflicts can arise in succession processes as well as about how to solve or even prevent them.
  • Integrated Business Planning
    You can generate positive effects for both the succession process and the future of your enterprise by developing a vision and a strategy for your business and by setting milestones as well as by transferring responsibility.

The training modules give you a lot of information about succession processes and you will also come across several specific aspects.

We recommend you to study the courses intensively and not to rush through them. Take your time and maybe go through them several times –again and again if necessary.

Depending on your personal setting and on the individual module, you should take at least 30-60 minutes per module to be able to fully benefit from them.

We have created the Training modules so that they can be used all over Europe and so that they can provide as much benefit to a variety of readers as possible.

 How to use the Training modules:

  • You can quickly browse through all the modules to get an overview of the content and then have a second, deeper look at the topics which you really need to know.
  • You can go through all the modules step by step as the whole content was condensed from the needs assessed at the beginning of the project and, therefore, a broad range of important knowledge is provided. Not everything will be relevant to your current situation – but maybe it will be in the future.
  • You can go through the modules on your own or do it in a group and exchange your findings or opinions about the information is provided.